Secret Landing Page for SMP 2023 [How-To Content]

Hi there and welcome to the "secret landing page" for The Simplest Marketing Planner 2023.

Thanks again for letting me help you grow your business in 2023. (And please don't share these links with people who are not part of the program -- that wouldn't be right.)

SMP Essential Links:

1. You can download a new Planner pdf anytime here:

2. The Zoom link to join the Monthly Office Hours:

3. Replays of the Monthly Office Hours:
(all 50+ of them since 2019)

4. SMP Prospect Tracker Template:

NOTE: Make a copy of the template and use it as a Google Sheet. If you download it onto your computer, the formulas break and it doesn't work!)

As the name suggests, the Simplest Marketing Planner is designed (by me, Ilise Benun) to be so simple as to be almost entirely self explanatory, especially if you've been reading my Quick Tips and the Marketing Mix Blog, listening to the and watching the Marketing Mentor YouTube Channel

However, I know when it comes to marketing and self promotion, things can remain strangely fuzzy no matter what you do. Or maybe you need a refresher on specific strategies, or you're just overwhelmed by it all. Don't worry, the resources on this page will be your helper. 

Here you'll find links to articles and blog posts, podcast episodes and videos, as well as bundles and kits (some free, some for sale) to give you enough how-to to starting doing.

Plan Resources

Big Picture Ideas

Find Your People

Content Marketing

Strategic Networking

Targeted Outreach

    Website Updates

    Tracking and Goal Setting

    Proposals and Pricing


    Excellent Examples & Extras