Writers: Stumped about your portfolio?

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Recently, I presented a Writers’ Edition of this topic to the Atlanta Writers Club. While most of the information is relevant to ALL creatives, one thing in particular stood out as being unique to writers. Portfolios!

Many people get stumped when it comes to the portfolios.

But writers can get especially stumped.

Designers often have a TON of potential projects to feature; they can find this overwhelming. Which visuals should they choose?

Writers tend to have the opposite problem. How can they muster up visuals for their work?

Here are few approaches:

  1. Use images of the end result. Deidre at Connect with Copy writes words for websites, so this means that with a little creativity, a visual IS available. In Deidre’s portfolio, we used screen shots of the websites she has written copy for, which is easy for Deidre to duplicate as she adds projects to her portfolio. This approach works for any writer who ends up with a tangible expression of their work: a website, a brochure or a postcard. Simply use an image of the end product.  

  2. Use images of the subject matter. Bryn at BrynMooth.com is a food writer. She usually has tons of food or location images from her clients, and when she doesn’t, she takes one herself. In Bryn’s portfolio, each project has a vibrant and relevant image associated with it.

Want more? In my latest blog post, I share how should writers display their work.


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