A friendly chat that gets down to business

Try a free consultation with Ilise to learn what working with a mentor is all about. Zero sales pitch, all ears.

Portrait of Ilise Benun

If you’re serious about your business and curious about the idea of working with a mentor, try a free 30-minute call with Ilise to get a taste of what working with a marketing mentor is all about. Ilise will answer any and as many questions you have about your business, and share every idea and resource she’s curated and created as a coach to help solve your problem. (And don't worry if you aren't exactly a "creative professional.")

Risk-free, opportunity-rich

It really is a free mentoring session, so there’s no pitch or pressure to commit. If, at the end of the call, you’d like to know more about how Marketing Mentor can help you move forward, Ilise will outline options for how she might best be able to guide you in growing your business. She has spent more than 30 years working closely with creative professionals to deal with issues from pricing and marketing to business management, helping them turn their best ideas into action.