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Do It Yourself!

The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP)



Through 2023,

one payment


Do It Together with Expert-led Guidance!

The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan Program (SMP&P)


Through 2023,

one payment.


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The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP)

Do it yourself.

Get a Clear Plan to Follow

The Simplest Marketing Planner for 2023 (Fillable and Printable PDF)
[Live] Special Onboarding Sessions

Learn, Get Inspired & Motivated

Office Hours Monthly Live Sessions

Build Your Skills & Put Them Into Practice

Special Admission to Four, 4-Week Skill-Building Intensives
Twice Monthly Co-working Sessions
Monthly Live Ask Me Anything Sessions

24/7 Community

Private Community Slack Channel

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[NEW! Ebook] What to Say When, by Bob Bly & Ilise Benun
[Video] Avoid Feast or Famine Forever!
[Video] How to Care Less and Earn More (with Terri Trespicio)
[Video] Mastering the Money Conversation

Get a Clear Plan to Follow

Learn, Get Inspired & Motivated

Build Your Skills & Put Them Into Practice

24/7 Community

Plan comparison

Get a Clear Plan to Follow

Plan and program comparison
Plan The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP&P)
The Simplest Marketing Planner for 2023 (Fillable and Printable PDF) Yes Yes
[Live] Special Onboarding Session Yes Yes

Learn, Get Inspired & Motivated

Office hours comparison
Office hours The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP&P)
Office Hours Monthly Live Sessions Yes Yes

Build Your Skills & Put Them Into Practice

Skill-building session comparison
Skill-building & Co-working Sessions The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP&P)
Special Admission to Four, 4-Week Skill-Building Intensives No Yes
Twice-Monthly Co-Working Sessions No Yes
Monthly Live Ask Me Anything Sessions No Yes

24/7 Community

Community comparison
24/7 Community Slack Channel The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) The 2023 Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP&P)
Private Community Slack Channel No Yes

Enter: The Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) for 2023

What if all you had to do was spend a few minutes a day following a very simple marketing plan…

And it led to a thriving business... and ultimately the exact life you’ve always wanted to live?

You could get back to focusing on the creative work you love – while enjoying bigger profits and landing clients who value you and your services.

Rebekah Mays on how the Simplest Marketing Plan has transformed her business

  • The Simplest Marketing Plan helped me approach the right prospects, learn how to develop and nurture those relationships, and provide quality content to earn their respect, trust, and business. I’m happier and so are my clients. My business is thriving, and it’s because The Simplest Marketing Plan gave me the tools and the roadmap.

    — Mary Vosika —

  • Gosh, it’s been such a huge shift in my life since I started working with you (about a year and a half ago now!) … my whole mindset about work is different. Most of my freelance life (almost 10 years) I had an anxiety in the back of my mind that the work would dry up and there was nothing I could do about it. I feel so empowered now! Thank you so INCREDIBLY much for being such a wonderful mentor. I sing your praises to everyone, and I really mean it.

    — Kate Purcell —

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Get Better Clients with Bigger Budgets and More Fulfilling Projects in 2023

Marketing yourself can feel awkward and confusing. There are so many paths to go down…

Which one is right for your business? And which will you actually stick with?

The Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) for 2023 guides you through each of the three marketing tactics, above, and sets you up with a consistent, simple system that’s easy to follow on your own.

So you can fill your calendar with dream clients and have a “reserve” of potential clients waiting in the wings.

Breeze through your monthly marketing tasks and keep track of what works best for your creative business.

Master the 3 marketing tactics you need for a thriving creative business.

01: Position Yourself as an Expert with High-Quality Content

To build your credibility and earning power – and stay “top of mind” to the kinds of clients you want to work with – you will need content that speaks to their needs. This way, your ideal clients will self-select and come looking for more, while you weed out everyone else.

02: Find Your People with Strategic Networking

Making connections in person and online, especially on LinkedIn — and building relationships with them over time — gives you a constant stream of referral sources and potential clients who are more likely to pass your name along or reach out to you when they need help.Or, as I like to say, “in their moment of need.” That’s the magic moment when the trust you’ve built through networking pays off!

03: Hand-Pick Your Ideal Clients with Targeted Outreach

Who would you be excited to work with? What organizations or causes are you drawn to work with? Who are you most competent and confident about serving? Confidently start the conversation about how you can help them with their specific problem.

  • There’s no way to quantify how my life has changed since working with Ilise and being in her ecosystem of excellence. But it’s a lot. Like a lot a lot.

    — Danielle Zeitlen Hughes —

  • Weekly Marketing Schedule

  • Monthly Fill-In-The-Blank Tasks

  • How to Turn Pain Points Into Content Worksheet

...and you get Monthly Office Hours

With The Simplest Marketing Plan for 2023, you’ll have the tools and structure you need to grow your business on your own.

The good news is, you won’t actually be alone.

You’ll also get to meet up with me and learn alongside fellow creatives for a full 12 months in our live Office Hours sessions.

In these monthly group gatherings, you’ll learn from examples of fellow creatives who are a few steps ahead in the marketing game – so you can apply their savvy to your own business.

Here’s what past participants have to say:

“Connecting with others as a solopreneur is my favorite thing.”

 “One of the main reasons I purchased the Simplest Marketing Plan was to have access to Office Hours.”

 “I like the Office Hours, too — I feel like it’s a wrap from the month before and a kick-off for the next month.”

NEW for 2023: With the Simplest Marketing Plan & Program (SMP&P), we'll grow your business together

Imagine where your business would be by this time next year if you had someone holding you accountable…

Pushing you forward in your marketing tasks…

Guiding you through each step…

And even setting you up with the time and space to get it done.

That’s what we’ll do - together - over the next 12 months…

In the all-new Simplest Marketing Plan & Program (SMP&P).

Along with your Simplest Marketing Planner for 2023 and the live monthly Office Hours Gatherings, you’ll also get…

You get...Twice-Monthly Co-working Sessions.
You’ll Get Your Marketing Done... By Doing it!

Worried you won’t follow through? Let’s fix that...

Our twice-monthly Co-working Sessions give you dedicated time - carved out to work together on your regular monthly marketing tasks. 

Show up and you’ll get it done by doing it – right then and there.

It’s built-in focus... with an opportunity to share progress with fellow Program members and ask questions as you go. 

Most importantly, you’ll get the work done, so you can check it off and move on!

You get...Live Monthly “Ask Me Anything” Sessions

Every month of 2023, you’ll also get to join me for a live, 60 minutes “Ask Me Anything” session - so you can get all of your questions answered along the way. You’ll pick up some of my favorite tips and tricks for staying on-track all year long.

If you’re on a roll and you don’t need to sign in, just keep rolling.

But if you have a question, you get stuck, you’d like to share something that’s working for you, or you’re just craving some community time with creative entrepreneurs who are in the same boat as you - then join us!

Again, these sessions will be live, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

You get...Entry to Our Super-Secret, Community Slack Channel

Reach out with questions… share successes… get leads on gigs… and lean on your community any time, day or night, in our private Slack Channel.

Here’s a small sample of questions and leads that come in from fellow community members regularly!

Deepen Your Marketing Savvy…

You get...To Attend All Four of My Popular Marketing Intensives - for Free!

Expanding Your Network Strategically on LinkedIn

Session 1: Optimize Your Profile

Session 2: Expand Your Network

Session 3: Engage Your Network

Session 4: Connect the Dots

Building Your Credibility and Visibility with Content on LinkedIn

Session 1: Set Up Your LinkedIn Newsletter

Session 2: Draft Your LinkedIn Newsletter

Session 3: Send Your LinkedIn Newsletter

Session 4: Connect the Dots

Creating a Deeper Client Pool with Targeted Outreach

Session 1: Build Your List of Prospects

Session 2: Draft Your Messages

Session 3: Send Your Messages

Session 4: Connect the Dots

Mastering The Money Conversation!

Session 1: The Money Mindset (and the stories that get in the way)

Session 2: How to Price Your Services

Session 3: What to Say When…How to lead the money conversation with confidence

Session 4: Connect the Dots

Stay focused. Build momentum. And follow along as I give you just one step at a time to transform your business.

From learning about your ideal clients’ pain points…

To tweaking your messaging to target them…

To reaching out and landing gigs with people you would absolutely love to work with…

Each of these marketing skills builds on the last. And once you learn to master them, you’ll have your very own, well-oiled marketing machine in place.

And each 4-week Intensive would cost $250 to attend on its own. 

But as a SMP&P member, you’ll get to attend all four - and fine-tune your marketing machine for free...

  • “Grateful for this window to get this done… or at least started! I love this format! Super helpful!”

    — Melissa Almon, Strategist and Copywriter —

  • “Very helpful - a little lesson, a little work, a little more done! Thank you!’

    — Teresa Villegas, Designer —

  • “Extremely helpful - especially doing it while on Zoom. Thank you, Ilise.”

    — Robin Coles, technical writer —

  • SMP

    The Simplest Marketing Planner

    With Live Office Hours Gatherings is for you if:

    You know what it takes to build the business you want but you're overwhelmed by all the ways you could market yourself and just want someone to say, “Do this, don't do that.”

    You’ve got the discipline and you know how to make the time. If you have a good recipe, you can cook an awesome meal and get it on the table.

    You’re a natural DIY-er, and as long as you know what to do, you can do it yourself.

    You know you can benefit from monthly check-ins to keep you learning, motivated, and on-track.

    DIY Your Creative Business with the Simplest Marketing Planner for 2023.

    Buy the SMP! 
  • SMP&P

    The 12-month Simplest Marketing Plan & Program is for you if:

    You’d like one simple path that eliminates overwhelm and shows you exactly what to do and what not to do to market yourself. 

    You need help following through and sticking with your marketing - so you can land solid, respectful clients who are excited to work with you and pay you what you’re worth!

    Twitter! TikTok! Shiny objects! Rather than getting distracted, you need a friendly marketing expert to simplify everything for you and keep you on the right path.

    When you get frustrated or discouraged by setbacks, you want to know you’re not alone and have someone there to help you keep moving forward - showing you what to do next. 

    You work best in a group environment and are motivated by the energy, success, and ideas of others. You just can't do this alone, whether you know that about yourself or you've tried and haven't been able to.

    You are ready to master your marketing and break out of the feast-or-famine cycle for good!

    Get ongoing guidance and community support as you build your dream business over 12 months in the Simplest Marketing Plan & Program!

    Buy the SMP&P! 

… Still Thinking? How You’ll Be Sure We’re the Right Fit

Attracting clients who love what you do - and will pay you accordingly - isn’t hard. But you have to actually DO the marketing to get them. The SMP springs you into action with a solid plan. And the SMP&P leads you through it, step-by-step, for an entire year. 

However, if my methods aren’t for you - there’s no need to worry. Just let us know by January 31 and we’ll cancel your program and issue you a full refund.

I know you’re going to love it. And you’re going to love the way it changes your business. But I also want you to know that it’s completely safe to try it out, first.

Come join us and see for yourself!

Free your business, your finances and your time

By the end of 2023, you can completely transform your business - and really, your entire life. 

After all, the best part about running a creative business is that you don’t have to live by everyone else’s rules.

 Effective marketing gives you the freedom to create and live the exact life you want – and it only gets better as you streamline your marketing machine.

 You’ll find you have more money, more time, more confidence in yourself and your abilities... and more peace of mind knowing you have potential clients lined up should you need them.