[Podcast] #345 Getting Starting with Podcasting with John Hartwell

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Should you start your own podcast?

There are an awful lot of podcasts to listen to these days. And doesn't it seem like every day there's a new one (or more)? 

So should you jump on the bandwagon and start your own? And if so, how do you get started?

Those are the questions we answered in this 345th episode of the Marketing Mentor Podcast in a chat with Marketing Mentor client, John Hartwell of Hartwell Studio Works, host of the HSW Sports Branding Podcast.

Hartwell shares the nuts and bolts of how he got started, including the nitty gritty details of what equipment (Blue Yeti mic/headphones + mic stand) and software (Zencastr.com) he uses. We also talked about how the podcast is integrated into his "marketing machine," as I like to call it, and how he addresses those all-important pain points of his target market.

A podcast about how to start a podcast – very meta, right?

Listen here or below and learn…


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FYI: The Marketing Mentor Podcast was born in 2008. It’s evolved quite a bit since the first episodes, which were recorded as part of the promotional campaign for my 5th book, The Designer’s Guide to Marketing & Pricing

So if you listen to either of the podcasts that I host (the other is the HOW Design Live Podcast, I want to thank you. I know your time and attention are precious. My goal is to share what’s working for my clients and other creative professionals who are trying to beat the feast or famine syndrome and I do my best to create content that is simultaneously inspiring and practical.  

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