Simplest Marketing Plan: April Extras (2019.4)

On April 1, 2019 I released the 4th installment of the brand new Simplest Marketing Plan for 2019.

This planner represents my best effort yet to:

  • simplify marketing so you'll actually do it
  • help you carve out 30 minutes/day to work "on" your business
  • help you put yourself and your business first (#mefirst) 

All this, so you can take control over your business (and your life) instead of being controlled by it.

This month's "extras"

If you have the Simplest Marketing Planner, you also get access to Office Hours, a monthly group coaching session, where I review the planner and show you how to use it for a specific target market. (Watch an excerpt here.)

1. April's Market of the Month: Bcorps

I like to say, "Focus on the market that you have access to" and during this month's Office Hours, I will show you how easy it is to access professional services companies, such as law firms, accounting firms, A/E/C and others selling "intangibles."  (Find more markets here.)

2. Watch: the replay of How to Get Better Clients with Bigger Budgets, hosted by -- in it I provide a comprehensive overview of the most up to date version of the marketing strategy I am teaching now. 

3. Excellent Examples 

These are actual examples of marketing that's working, much of them from past and present Marketing Mentor clients, members of my new small coaching groups and others I come across as I talk about marketing all day every day!

Content Marketing:

4. Need help carving out the time? Get the Free Demo of Time Tracking Software, FunctionFox (and watch their videos here)

5. April Influences

ListenDr. Eugenia Cheng on The Life Scientific

ReadThe Most Human Human by Brian Christian

Watch: John Oliver on Automation 

What? You still don't have the Simplest Marketing Plan for 2019? Lucky you, it's not too late -- buy it now and get in the loop. 

One more really cool link (especially if you like getting mail):