Small Group Coaching for Creative Professionals

More and more creative professionals are working in isolation.

You don't have a sounding board, no exposure to what other creatives are doing or the sense of community that comes from a small group of committed people working together and helping each other over time. 

To weather the inevitable ups and downs of self employment, you need a solid structure. Without this foundation, your future will be shaky, whether you've been in business 2 years or 20 years. 

Plus, with all the content and ideas and advice out there, it's totally overwhelming! Where do you even start? How do you know whose advice to follow?

Wouldn't it be so much more productive (and enjoyable) to grow your creative business with the guidance of someone who's been doing it for a long time and in collaboration with a small, supportive coaching group of like-minded creative professionals?

These small coaching groups are designed to address these important needs and more! 

So here's my pledge for 2019:

I pledge to give you only what you need, exactly when you need it, no more and no less -- especially in the coaching groups!

I am currently offering 3 types of online coaching groups. Each has no more than 5-8 participants. Next cohorts start the week of Jan. 14, 2019:

  1. Content Marketing Accountability Coaching Group
  2. Simplest Marketing Plan Coaching Group
  3. Kickstart Your Business Coaching Group

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They are all focused on getting your marketing done with consistency and manageably in 30 minutes/day, with guidance, support and accountability.

With all of them, you’ll get:

  • Clarity on your market and your messaging.
  • Guidance from me (Ilise Benun), a business coach with 30 years of experience who knows the creative industries.
  • Support, feedback and perspective from me and the group. You’ll get to hear from people with the same struggles. You’ll get to see and learn from what others are doing.
  • Community. You’ll have an opportunity to share ideas and cultivate connections with fellow creatives -- maybe even partner on projects! Goodbye isolation!
  • Accountability and structure to help you stay on track and encouragement from others (and you’ll stop feeling bad about not doing it), to keep you consistent in your marketing efforts

In other words, no more feeling frustrated and behind all the time. These groups will help you get your marketing done and done right.

Format for all groups:

We meet twice a month on Zoom for 60 minutes for a total of 12 sessions over 6 months. (Sessions are organized around the time zones and schedules of each group's participants.) Each 60 minute session includes:

  • A short presentation of a key idea or excellent examples of content (tailored to what the participants of each group are working on)
  • Real time feedback from Ilise & group members on your session assignments

In between sessions, you will use the group’s dedicated Slack channel to post your assignments and content for review and give feedback on that of others. The channel is also for any other questions and issues that come up.

Which is the right group for you?

One recent participant wrote, “I was pleased to "beta test" this live group and I am so excited that Ilise is offering this coaching option. I look forward to actually putting into practice her excellent recommendations. I'm looking forward to the guidance and accountability to move my business forward. Again, I found this very useful and a great value.”   

    Read more testimonials here.

    Your investment and time commitment: 30 minutes/day

    One goal of the group process is to begin instilling the 30 minutes/day habit and practice of working on your business. So once the foundation is set, that is what your time commitment between each session is projected to be.

    The monthly fee is very affordable (between $100-250/month with options to add one-on-one coaching), so don’t stress about that. 

    Next step:

    Fill out this application to be considered for a spot in one of the groups (even if you're not sure which one). I will get back to you soon with pricing, availability and next step. 

    Or send a message to with any questions.