2020 by the numbers

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As we wrap up the year, I keep seeing messages about what a $hit-storm this year was and how everybody wants it d-o-n-e. Speaking coach Jezra Kaye nailed it when she said 2020 was a stone cold b*tch. It was indeed. 

But it’s weird, because amidst the widespread terribleness and universal pain, it’s also been a pretty wonderful year for me on a personal level. (I feel guilty for saying that!) That’s really struck me this year. Parts of life can be magic, and parts of it can be brutal — and all of these things can exist at the same time. 

Someone asked me recently,How’s life?” The only answer that seems true lately is: It’s amazing and a hot mess all at the same time. Maybe that’s always been the case, but 2020 made it crystal clear and voiceable.

So, is there a bright side? 

While this year was tragic for all the reasons we know about, it seems to have made it possible for all of us to be more authentic and to say what’s really on our minds. I’ve had more real, candid, honest conversations this year with clients and friends than ever before. It’s pretty amazing what can happen during a conversation that starts with “Holy crap this is hard!” instead of “I’m great how are you?!” 

My truth is, during this stone cold b*tch, I've had some beauty and bright sides. 

  • I had a baby, secretly. (And that means baby giggles.)

  • I got to spend time locked up with my loved ones and luxuriated in not having to go anywhere. I also reconnected (virtually) with long-lost friends.

  • After rewardingly giving a supermarket employee’s wallet back, I started getting my groceries delivered. (Can you say life changing?) 

  • I helped some really cool people share their passion with the world.

  • I gave myself a lot more grace than I ever have before. (Somehow easier than before because it felt like a necessity.) 

  • I cooked more, took slow walks, long showers, and spent so much glorious time in pajamas — usually switching between nighttime ones and “daytime” ones. (*In the photo, you'll see my "December business suit.")

  • I completely gave up caffeine.

  • I got more clarity on what matters most — and practiced saying no to everything else.

Amidst the wonderful and the awful, the sun still rises. So, as I’ve done in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, here is my 2020 by the numbers:

  • Years in business — 14

  • Months taken off for maternity leave — 3 (I worked really hard in the months beforehand to make this possible.) 

  • Total clients — 26 (the same amount as last year)

  • Clients/partners who are designers — 11

  • Client websites written — 8 (a few landed here

  • Clients blogs + newsletters + case studies written — 80+

  • Clients for whom I write monthly or bi-monthly blog posts, newsletters or case studies — 6

  • Free consults — 20-ish

  • Proposals created — 17 

  • Proposals accepted — 15 (I think this number’s so high because I talk about money during the consult.) 

  • Un-newsletter subscribers — 956?!?! (That’s up 268 from last year. I’m not entirely sure these are all real people...they might be autobots. Or this might be thanks to Ilise who mentions me in some of her marketing courses. If you’re a real person, you can sign up here). 

  • Un-newsletters sent — 3, because, well, 2020. (That makes 74 since 2010! Read them here.)

  • Times I said no to projects that weren’t a good fit (and referred them) — 10+

What’s my plan for 2021? 

I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll think about that in a few weeks. But I hope and believe there are big possibilities on the horizon for all of us. I hope your hearts and burdens are light — and that your clarity is plentiful. Sending love.

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