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Is inconsistent marketing getting in the way of better clients & more money?



The 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals

You know that taking control over your business will free up your life. You know better clients are out there.

You know that haphazard marketing isn’t worth doing (or leads to feast or famine, at best), and you want 2016 to be the year you take it to the next level.

You know you need to be marketing regularly. You just need a little help—a kickstart, a nudge, a prompt.

That's exactly what you get with this plan.

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who we help

Creative Solopreneurs and Firm Owners, whether you call yourself a freelancer, small business owner, independent contractor, etc. Labels mean nothing. We help anyone in charge of their own work life who wants to get serious about it. Learn more

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Our mission is to provide the tools and the assistance you need to get your ideal clients, so you can take your business to the next level. Marketing Mentor offers hundreds of resources in our toolbox. You can also get started now with our free half-hour mentoring session.

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Ilise Benun is the Marketing Mentor. She has been successfully self-employed for 25+ years and has guided thousands of creative professionals toward growth. Learn more about Ilise

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"Working with ilise is better than having a fairy godmother. She teaches you how to connect with your dream clients and price appropriately, helping you grow your business into what you've always wished it to be."

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