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If you'd rather teach yourself or you simply aren't in a position to take the shortcut of working one-on-one with me right now, here are some of the courses I've developed for you.

Command the Fees You Deserve

Earn more money for the work you love to do – let Ilise Benun show you how in the complete guide to marketing, pricing, and booking freelance work.

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Don't Get Pushed Around: An Introvert's Guide to Getting What You Need at Work

When it comes to getting ahead in the world of work, it seems that those who are bold, confident and willing to speak their minds are the ones who get the choicest projects and the loftiest promotions. But what if you’re an introvert?

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What to Say When: Tips & Scripts for Tricky Situations at Work

 It’s always important to know the right thing to say in various situations, but it’s particularly important at work. Getting tongue-tied or putting your foot in your mouth when speaking to a work colleague or superior could get you into trouble and impact your ability to thrive in your career. 

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AWAI's Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects

If you're ready to price your services accurately, send proposals with confidence, and start “talking money” like a pro … with no fear, anxiety, or stress, check out my Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects.

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Anatomy of a Winning Proposal

Do you cringe when your dream prospect says, “Will you send me a proposal?”

Cringe no more! This short and simple class will show you exactly what to include in a winning proposal and in what order. A strong proposal speaks volumes about you as professional, as a business owner, as a strategic partner and a thinker -- that will distinguish yours from all the others. You don’t have to be a great writer to craft a winning proposal, but you do have to know which requests for proposals are worth responding to, and how to make the strongest argument for why you are the best one for the project. Otherwise, you might as well not waste your time.

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This is great advice!

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Secrets of Starting and Running a Successful Freelance Copywriting Business

In this training program for copywriters, you will learn how to get started even if you are a total newbie, how to pick your niche, find your marketing, and much more. Plus a ton of free bonuses!

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