One-on-One Mentoring / Coaching / Consulting

You are a creative professional with an established business.

You are talented and love what you do but aren't loving it so much lately, maybe because you aren't getting the right clients. Or you haven’t yet decided where to focus and you feel scattered, overwhelmed and paralyzed by all the options.

You've been relying on work to magically appear for way too long, it’s time to take control rather than just hoping it keeps going. 

You are ready to start learning how to build a more sustainable business. And you know you need help if you are going to take your business to next level.

Is that you? If so, I can definitely help.

With the right advice, accountability and assistance, you can build a strong foundation for your creative business.

I can help you put an end to the instability of "feast or famine," stop taking whatever comes along and build the business that meets your needs, both personal and professional.

Through one-on-one coaching, I will help you get “down to business” on the issues that will make or break your business. Together, we’ll clear away the financial fog, overcome the procrastination, put systems in place, find your focus and implement practical techniques that will bring you the work you want and take your business to the next level.

There is no big-ticket "program" to commit to. Every session is customized to provide exactly what you need when you need it -- no more and no less. You won't be overwhelmed by material or left to figure out how to apply the ideas to your own situation. 

The Getting Started Questionnaire becomes the foundation of your plan for growth. In the initial consultation, we dig into your goals and dive right into your immediate challenges. You will get practical advice tailored to your needs from an objective perspective. You come out of the initial consultation with a "to do" list and a clear direction for growth.

Together, we begin by setting specific and realistic short and long-term goals. Here are examples of actual client goals (some verbatim!):

  • "Get better at networking." (More about 21st century networking here.)
  • "Replace penny-pinching clients with those who value my services."
  • "I need to stop pulling prices out of the air and figure out what I should be charging to be profitable."
  • "Smooth out the peaks and valleys of the feast-or-famine syndrome."
  • "Find clients who are more respectful."
  • "Put systems in place to work smoothly with clients and employees."
  • "Get 5 more clients @ $10k each by the end of the year."
  • "New web site that supports the evolution of the business."
  • "Develop a content marketing program and plan."
  • "Begin publishing a monthly email newsletter."
  • "Expand prospect list 150 names."
  • "I want to have four or five new prospects in my pipeline each month."
  • "Hire employees to set the foundation for expansion and put a marketing plan in place to provide for them."

All of this is possible -- it just takes focus and a step by step process.

Together we will map out a simple, concrete plan of action to help you take those solid steps toward your goals.

Sound good? Let's talk

At the end of the initial consultation, your direction will be much clearer. No matter your goals, you will leave the initial session with a short list of tasks to do to continue the process. Some people take that and run with it. Others want accountability and ongoing guidance., such as a bi-weekly or monthly check in session. It's up to you....and tailored to your needs.

If this sounds like it would help, take advantage of the free session to see if we're a good fit.