2018 by the numbers

A new post from Deidre Rienzo....

First, the crummy news...

My revenue this year was its lowest since 2014. I’m down $7180 from last year, which was down $2779 from 2016! Yikes.

Now, the good news…

I’m self-employed! I made enough money to pay my bills, working only with people I enjoy—and I didn’t have to go to a corporate office once! So while 2018 wasn’t what I hoped, it’s still a victory in my book.

As I’ve done in 201320142015, 2016, and 2017, here is my 2018 by the numbers:

  • Years in business – 12
  • Total clients – 25 (that’s 8 less than last year)
  • Clients who are designers – 15
  • Times I’ve eaten oatmeal – at least 300
  • Times I’ve worn 90% of the clothes in my closet – 0 (I’m due for a Marie Kondo-inspired tidy fest)
  • Gym visits – 90 (amazing because I was a reluctant gym-goer at first)
  • Client websites written – 14 (a few landed here)
  • Client blogs + newsletters written – 100+
  • Clients for whom I write monthly or bi-monthly blog posts, newsletters or case studies – 9
  • Times I’ve watched the sunset – at least 52
  • Time spent out of my comfort zone – way more than usual!
  • Clients who came from referrals – 5
  • Contacts who turned into clients after being on my newsletter list for years – 2
  • Free consultations that converted – 16/19
  • Times I’ve walked my dog – at least 700? (Cannoli, thank you for making me breathe fresh air!)
  • Un-newsletter subscribers (sign up here) – 632 (that’s up 91 from last year!)
  • Un-newsletters sent (read them here) – 7 (that’s 2 more than last year!)
  • Times I gave up coffee (and started again) – at least 4
  • Times I ate burrito bowls from Wawa – way too many!
  • Total prospects I reached out to – 10 (I can do much better!)

What’s the plan for 2019? To have my best year yet—financially, physically and emotionally. I plan:

  • To reach out to 10 prospects per month
  • To send monthly un-newsletters
  • To blog here once a month
  • To keep working towards being able to do a pull-up!
  • To treat my body well—by moving it regularly and putting good things into it.
  • To embrace and appreciate my sensitivity and nuttiness, because it makes me who I am.
  • To continue to refine my own definition of working smarter, and not beat myself up about it!
  • To find ways to fill myself with joy, gratitude, energy and creativity: rest, meditation, cooking, spending time with friends, being silly, having more dance parties, and watching the sunset with Cannoli.
  • To choose love, not fear.
  • To keep forging outside of my comfort zone, even though it’s hard.

What do you think? Are you ready to kick some 2019-booty? Let’s do it!

*Image: Cannoli ensuring I get some fresh air and Vitamin D. 

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