I had a baby, secretly.

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All the immediately-impacted people knew I was having a baby, of course. And my close clients.

But most of you didn’t.

I have been openly blogging here about my life since 2008…because for me, the lines between work and life are blurry. Because I bring ME to my work and my marketing, transparency made sense.

I never had a concern about being so open.

But then I got divorced. And I felt a little silly because I had shared so much. The life I always infused into my blogs was suddenly in tumult. I was emotional (pretty much a hot mess), and I wasn’t sure how to be authentic about that.

I know we all experience ups and downs, so when I was ready, I shared the downs, and it felt good. It was part of my healing journey.

As life’s adventure boat propelled me forward, I was hesitant to share the wonderful things that started happening. So I kept it all close to my chest.

So when I started dating someone wonderful…

I didn’t mention it.

And when we decided to get married…

I didn’t mention it.

And when I moved, yet again, I didn’t mention that, either. (I have a real office again, but nothing can compare to my laundroffice.)

And then when I got pregnant…

I stayed quiet.

But here I am, in September of 2020…

I got married, had a baby (during a pandemic) and moved yet again (after renovating a house while 9 months pregnant and working nonstop). I took off the whole summer for maternity leave (by saving living expenses in the months beforehand).

Because of it all, I’m an even more authentic, full-hearted, happy me.

I hope you’re experiencing life’s joys.

And if you’re currently experiencing its pains—I’m sending you big hug. If you’re in the midst of the kind of life chaos that you think might break you, and want something to read, check out this book. A stranger at a dog park recommended it to me just when I needed it most.

What a wild year.

And I’m not even talking about the global pandemic or the news headlines.

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