[Podcast] #371 How (Exactly) to Use Generosity as a Marketing Tool

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Do you give strategy away?

Many creative professionals do, probably because you don't see yourself as a "strategist."

But that's not what I mean by generosity.

If you’ve watched any of my recent presentations or webinars, you’ve probably heard me talk about generosity as a marketing tool.

It's an idea in progress, but in today's episode, I tried articulate more clearly what I mean by this.

In this conversation with Melanie the Marketer, (a.k.a. Melanie Deardorff), who is a member of one of my accountability coaching groups, we identified 2 levels of generosity:

  1. The theoretical level, where generosity is an antidote to that scuzzy “salesy” feeling so many creative professionals are trying to avoid.
  2. A more practical level, which focuses on how generosity actually manifests in your everyday marketing.

The mindset of generosity is an antidote to the problem of not wanting to bug people or the mental chatter that tries to talk you out of staying in touch with your network.

With generosity, you are in the business of offering your help as a way to follow up. 

On a practical level, Melanie leads with generosity as she develops relationships with prospects and new contacts. This includes:

  • Being a good listener and remembering what people say
  • Paying attention with curiosity
  • Keeping the needs of your network in mind and going out of your way to share resources and anything helpful (blog posts, links, even referrals)
  • Sharing content as a way to follow up a project that's stalled
In fact, content marketing is perfect for generosity -- you're giving your content and using it as a pretext to connect. That includes speaking and blogging and more...all of which I explain in detail in today's podcast and in the Simplest Marketing Planner process.

    It takes time to get into the habit of being generous and thinking of others and then taking the action to share. But it's never too late to start!

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