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I'm so proud of Conrad Winter

He's a copywriter who 5+ years ago chose a niche (transportation and logistics) and has been committed to it ever since -- so much so that he has traveled from New Jersey to attend the annual conference for the industry association, Transportation Marketing and Sales Association, every year since 2018.

He's been to Savannah, Nashville, Orlando and Jacksonville FL. And he just got back from New Orleans, where he was presented with an award for "Partner Member of the Year"

Here's what I'm most proud of: when he was asked in front of 500 people whether he wanted to say a few words, Conrad, the ultimate introvert, said yes!

He knew it would be a missed opportunity if he didn't. "I was already in a suit and I hadn't had anything to drink. I knew I wouldn't embarrass myself. So I figured, why not!"

Even more impressive -- he spoke off the top of his head -- without any notes or prep (which is actually sometimes better). 

"I told the story of how I first found the association and how welcomed I felt from the very first event. Then I thanked the 2 people who have supported me the most. And best of all, I knew when to stop."

Here's where he posted about it on LinkedIn....and not surprisingly, got a ton of support and kudos!

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