[Podcast] #362 How to Get Better Clients with Bigger Budgets

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This week's episode is a little different -- it's not an interview with a creative professional practicing what I preach and showing that this marketing thing really does work. (You can find the latest one with Ben Callahan of Sparkbox on their super-effective content marketing strategy here.)

Today's episode (listen to it here or below) is the audio version of my latest webinar, How to Get Better Clients with Bigger Budgets, hosted recently by Communo.coma new platform for agencies and freelancers that aims to connect people to projects and projects to people. (You can also watch the webinar on the Marketing Mentor YouTube channel here.) 

Here's what you'll learn:

The key to getting better clients with bigger budgets, especially for creative professionals, is knowing exactly who those “better clients” are and positioning yourself for them, so that they say, “You are exactly who we need” when they land on your "marketing-smart" web site or LinkedIn profile or meet you in person.

That’s the big idea underpinning the Simplest Marketing Planner, my latest plan for creative professionals. In the webinar, I explain, as clearly and succinctly as I have to date, how the 3 marketing tools I'm recommending work together and reinforce your message (especially when you follow the Simplest Marketing Plan)

I also explain:

  • What it really means to pick a niche
  • How to connect the dots of your marketing to get your message in front of the right people, while simultaneously eliminating the Feast or Famine Syndrome
  • The 3 most effective marketing tools for 2019 – use these and you won’t need anything else
  • How they work together to attract the companies you want to work with and persuade them you are the perfect fit
  • How to bring your creativity to your own marketing and make it manageable -- so you’ll actually do it!

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