[Podcast] #361 Nick Usborne on Conversational Copywriting

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You know those aggressive sales letters and pushy marketing email messages that try to get you buy something NOW?

I’ll bet you’ve clicked that “buy” button, your heart beating fast, not wanting to miss out on the latest greatest deal that will be gone by midnight. (These promotions are even more comical when the product is electronic and there’s no way they can ever run out!)

I know I’ve written my share of these messages (most recently for my Simplest Marketing Planner for 2019  -- and it worked!)

Well, there is another approach – a way to be more honest, more authentic and less pushy with your language, indeed more conversational.

In fact, it’s called Conversational Copywriting and my new friend, Nick Usborne, who teaches a course on it. This approach is especially effective if you’re selling a service that is built on trust, as most creative services do, and as I know one-on-one mentoring and group coaching do too. 

So if you want your words to sound more like your voice, today’s episode is for you.

It’s a very “meta” conversation about conversational copywriting. Nick and I covered the difference between authentic and conversational copy vs. a fake and “chatty” style, plus what types of businesses this style is it right for (hint: those that want repeat sales and longer term relationships built on trust).

And there was some ranting about why so many people don’t speak plainly and clearly.

If you like what you hear, take advantage of Nick’s special offer and sign up to get Nick’s free guide and videos. Then, go write a review, subscribe on iTunes and sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

Nick and I will both also be speaking at the 2019 AWAI Bootcamp, which is coming up in May 14-17 in Delray Beach Florida. See you there?

In the meantime, listen here (or below) and learn….

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