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I saw a display of “holiday cheer” creamers at the supermarket yesterday. Seriously?

Peppermint Mocha is a little premature in my book, but it doesn’t change the reality that it’s mid-September and fourth quarter is upon us.

Is my adopted approach of positive outlook = more money working?

Am I going to meet my financial goal of having my best year yet?

Here’s my update...

So far this year, I’ve been much busier, more productive, and produced more content than last year (which was a struggle). I’ve been working hard on mostly small-ish projects. But my income was only shaping up meh since my biggest client dropped significantly due to some organizational-chaos. There just weren’t enough big projects to make up the income.


One of my design partners recommended me for a huge project.
Which I got.

Then another design partner referred me for another huge project.
Which I got.

Then a cool company found me online and invited me in for a meeting. Which went great.

And suddenly, my financial outlook has shifted.

Maybe I can meet my goal for 2019 after all!

Three months left—and I’m positively going to keep on hustling. This means doing my un-newsletters, following up with past clients, and introducing myself to new connections with my outreach script.

Need some accountability with your hustle? Want to finish 2019 strong?

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