10 Minutes a Day on LinkedIn with Melanie the Marketer

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LinkedIn -- which I think of as "Google for business" even though it's actually a social media platform -- has been around for years, but (for obvious reasons) it's having a revival.

When in-person networking stopped in early 2020, everything moved online, especially to LinkedIn, where most professionals already had a profile and could easily start expanding and engaging their network and, best of all, finding opportunities and people in their moment of need -- the key to marketing, as we all know.

So of course, I've been teaching and writing a lot about LinkedIn lately -- especially this recent blog post about the LinkedIn hack I recently discovered that lets you add the power of your voice to your profile, an excellent way to make yourself stand out. You can check mine out here (and link with me if we're not connected yet). 

But believe it or not, I hadn't done a podcast episode on LinkedIn since 2017!

So, of course, I said yes immediately when Melanie "the Marketer" Deardorff, one of my favorite guests, pitched me this idea: 

I could share how LinkedIn was my focus last year -- 10 minutes a day! -- and what the effort's done for me: more connections, more website traffic, more people engaging with me, new content on my blog about LinkedIn, and more.

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I love an excellent idea -- that’s what it takes to get on my podcast BTW -- and anyone who knows Melanie knows that she is an idea machine and a giver!

I am a grateful beneficiary -- she is constantly coming to me with ideas. That's why you've heard her on the podcast before on these all-important topics for self employed creative professionals and freelancers: delegating, attracting qualified prospects and, of course, about using generosity as a marketing tool (one of my favorites).

One of her most popular ideas at the moment is her LinkedIn Challenge for 2021 -- check it out here and sign up if you need help getting into a LinkedIn habit.

In today’s episode Melanie and I talked all about how you can integrate LinkedIn into your daily life to uncover opportunities you don’t even know are waiting there for you. 

Listen here (or below):


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