How to attract "qualified" clients with content marketing

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If you read my blog (which you obviously do) or have read my Quick Tips email newsletter or listened to the Marketing Mentor Podcast, then you, my friend, have been marinating in my content, perhaps without even knowing it.

This is one of the secrets to the marketing that I practice (and teach and which is the foundation of the Simplest Marketing Plan!) -- how to attract your ideal clients and then qualify them so that they are groomed and primed and ready to work with you when they reach out.

That means you have to create compelling, high quality content -- content that speaks directly to their goals, aspirations and pain points.

Then you have to disseminate that content so that the best possible prospects find it and "consume" it until they simply must contact you for help. 

That is when you want to hear from them -- and not a moment before.

And that is how they qualify themselves, so that they come to you only when they're good and ready to work with you.

When that happens, you are ever so close to closing the deal -- as long as you do a good job with "the money conversation."

This strategy works -- I know because I use it -- but it takes patience, a lot of patience.

And it takes one other quality that is very rare these days: trust.

You have to trust that the right people are marinating. You won't know who or how or when -- until they let you know -- by responding to your email newsletter, for example. 

That's what I call "newsletter magic" -- which is actually not magic at all. It just seems like it because you were in the dark. 

This idea is one I've thought a lot about over the years but never actually articulated -- until Melanie “the Marketer” Deardorff  asked me to. Our chat is the latest episode of the Marketing Mentor Podcast. 

Listen here and below....


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