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Coaching Program: Command the Fees You Deserve

Coaching Program for Creative Professionals

Take control of your business (and life!) by focusing on the right clients—the ones who value your creative services and can pay for them. This program is designed to get you there.

This coaching program offers 7 modules you can select based on the specific skills you need to learn. It’s flexible as far as how and when your coaching time is used, and it’s completely tailored to your needs, yet it follows a structured itinerary complete with materials and homework (video, audio, reading and worksheets).

You can choose from:

Module 2: Speak Fluently About Your Business

You’ll draft an elevator pitch for your 3 ideal clients and develop versions for networking, LinkedIn and your homepage.

Module 3: Price Your Services Fairly

You’ll develop standard pricing for your basic services (and package pricing, if appropriate).

Module 4: Create Your Email Marketing Message

You’ll determine the content, write an introductory issue and create a 6-month editorial calendar for your email blast or newsletter.

Module 5: Create Content for Your Marketing-Smart Web Site

You’ll analyze 3 competitive web sites, then determine the content for your own new or revised web site.

Module 6: Reach out to Your Ideal Clients

You’ll develop an outreach campaign for one target market, write scripts for “warm email prospecting” and a one-pager follow up.

Module 7: Create Your Proposal Template

You’ll use actual models of other proposals to create a basic proposal template to customize for future projects.

Mix & match only the modules you need. Each module takes approximately 4 weeks and includes:

  • Video + audio training materials
  • Relevant articles & book excerpts
  • Exercises + worksheet(s)
  • 2 hours of coaching (2 X 1-hr sessions or 4 X ½ hr sessions) + email in between

Next steps:

  1. Email Ilise or sign up for a complimentary 30-minute mentoring session here to learn more and see if it’s right for you.
  2. Check out the online course on which the coaching program is based, Command the Fees You Deserve, at