How (and What) to Delegate with Melanie the Marketer

Podcast #396 How (and What) to Delegate as a Creative Professional

This is the latest in my series of conversations with Melanie the Marketer who’s trying to pull back the curtain on my business.

She reached out to me with this message: 

Delegating is something I need to think more about. The timeless saying, The cobbler's kids go shoeless, resonates with me. But it could also be holding me back.

Here are some of the questions she wanted to tackle:

  • Delegating is giving up control. Running our business can make us little control freaks, so how do we accept outside help?
  • If a writer hires another writer to write blog posts for them, is that cheating Similarly, if you're a designer, how do you get comfortable having someone design for your clients?
  • When is delegating a breeze – is there a secret to delegating?
  • What if you’re not good at managing people?
  • How/when should a creative pro delegate -- and how do you know whether to just dip a toe or dive all in?
  • What delegation strategies work for the creative pros I coach?
  • What delegating doesn't work out and why?
  • How can we justify the amount of money outsourcing costs us with what it saves us -- time (to do more enjoyable work), stress (offloading can be freeing!) and/or money (I pay someone a lesser rate so I can fill that gap with higher-paying work)?

I know delegating is easier said than done. But what if you could find someone really good and you train them to do things the way you want? Or, better yet, what if you could trust them to do things better than you could ever do them? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

That's my strategy and that's how I delegate most of the work on my website, all of my podcasting post-production, the writing of my case studies and much more. In fact, here are a few of the creatives I delegate to at the moment:

I shared my own experience, as well as that of my clients in the new episode, so listen here (or below):

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