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I'm a listener.

I love to listen because you can learn so much about a person simply by the sound of their voice. 

That's one of the many reasons I love the (new?) feature I found recently on LinkedIn. I'm calling it the "audio intro" -- and it's a type of audio branding. 

If you go to my LInkedIn Profile, you'll see a little "sound icon" to the right of my name.

Click on it and you'll hear one of my many elevator pitches!

(While you're there, connect with me if we aren't already.)

Shouldn't your elevator pitch be on your profile too? 

If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, I think so!

So take a moment and do it now!

This can only be done on the LinkedIn mobile app. It's under "Edit profile" and it's called "name pronunciation." (That's ostensibly what it's for, but I think it's for marketing too!)

And if you need some excellent examples, check out the multiple strategies used by these creatives in the Marketing Mentor network:

And thanks to media consultant, Janet Falk, who shared more "how-to" on LInkedIn: 

Here's how to promote yourself in 10 seconds on LinkedIn. Use the Name pronunciation feature to state who you help and the benefit of working with you.

On the mobile app for phone or tablet, click on View Profile and the pencil to edit. Click on Record name pronunciation. Depress the blue microphone during the entire process and speak clearly. (You will get a red warning at the five-second mark.) Re-record until you are satisfied with the segment. Tap Apply when you are done and click Save in the upper right corner.

The recording will display as a sound icon next to your name.

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