Best Podcasts for Getting Started

How to build a simple marketing machine

If you’re tired of coming up with new marketing ideas all the time and you want a simple system that (almost) runs on its own, this episode is for you.

I spoke with Susan Harper of about her “marketing machine,” which is generating enough work for her to outsource her marketing!

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Should you still be blogging?

There are lots of reasons for a blog to be included in your content marketing repertoire (and content marketing is one of the 3 main tools in my Simplest Marketing Plan 2.0).

In this chat, Melanie and I discuss why it’s worth making time for, even if you don’t like to write. Listen here or below

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How to write ridiculously good email news-“letters," with Ann Handley

I know you’ll enjoy and learn a lot from this conversation. Ann and I bonded over our mutual obsession with email newsletters and how to write ridiculously good content, the subject of Ann’s book, Everybody Writes. We even covered the art of curating content, which is an excellent option for an email newsletter, and how to decide the best time to send.

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Learning to love the money conversation

I really do love the money conversation! But if you are like most creative professionals I work with, you hate talking money. You’re not sure what your prices should be in the first place, and the thought of negotiating makes you sweat.

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On the signs of strong client relationships, with Michael e. Stern

I believe that strong client relationships are one sure sign of a healthy creative business. But how do you know for sure how strong those relationships are? Can you tell by the tone of their voice on the phone? Do you feel a little shaky when a client sends a curt email message? Or takes too long to respond? Are any of these things a reflection of the strength of your relationship, or is there some other way to tell?

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How to avoid distraction and learn to focus, with Nir Eyal

Nir claims that being indistractable is "the skill of the future" and has outlined 4 steps to developing that skill. In our conversation, we only managed to cover two of the steps. (Read the article (and the book) to learn about the other two.)

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Attract ideal clients & repel time wasters, with Pam Slim

If have had trouble picking a niche, or maybe you've picked one and just aren’t sure if it’s the right one, you’ll enjoy my conversation with Pamela Slim. You may know her as the author of the best seller, Escape from Cubicle Nation or her latest book, Body of Work. Over the years, Pam has evolved her own focus, proving that even once you’ve picked a niche, it’s not forever.

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