[Podcast] #375 Learning to love the money conversation

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I really do love the money conversation!

But if you are like most creative professionals I work with, you hate talking money.

You’re not sure what your prices should be in the first place. And the thought of negotiating makes you sweat.

You may even believe you shouldn't negotiate, that if you don’t “stand your ground” on your prices, you’ll be perceived as someone who doesn’t value your own work. Or worse, that you’ll be perceived as “weak.”

So many creative pros struggle with this. And believe it or not, some even avoid the money conversation altogether!

They accept a project, do the work and then submit it to the client without ever once talking about how much it will cost. 

In those situations, both parties are waiting for the other to bring it up – and neither one does!

Whose responsibility is it, anyway?

Yours, if you want to be perceived as a professional, that is.

And it’s just one of the three things you must do to be the professional that good clients are looking for. Those 3 things are:

  1. Initiate the money conversation with confidence
  2. Get out of the financial fog
  3. Don't approach negotiation as a confrontation

Read my article about this here and listen to my latest podcast on Learning to Love the Money Conversation here (or below).

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