Translation missing: en.section.settings.title: HELP! I don't know what to charge!

Have you ever been in this situation? 

A new prospect calls out of blue with a huge project.

You desperately want the project -- you're perfect for it, but the prospect doesn’t know that -- yet.

You have no idea what to charge and you can’t afford to scare them away with a price that’s too high.

Still, you don't want to leave money on the table.

The "HELP! I don't know what to charge! Bundle" will make sure you price it right.

It's a collection of products that includes:

  • The Package Pricing Bundle -- to show you how to package your services so you don't reinvent the wheel every time!
  • The Proposal Bundle of your choice -- to make the argument for why you're the best one for the project
  • The Marketing Blueprint -- to make sure you're getting the right clients in the first place. 
  • Plus I hour of coaching with Ilise Benun to customize how this all works in your specific situation

NOTE: If this sounds good and you want to buy this "bundle," you need to put each item below into your cart -- so don't look for the "buy" button on this page!  You won't find it!