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Package Pricing Bundle

Package Pricing Bundle

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Package pricing is saving hours for many creative professionals and this 80-page, information-packed download of no-nonsense material will give you the tools to price confidently & profitably and take control of your business.

Get the Package Pricing Bundle PLUS the Extra Bonus: 

The one-pager (a.k.a. one-sheet) from KM Design that does double duty:

  • 1) provides a snapshot of creative services and
  • 2) outlines 2 very simple annual appeal packages


  • Do you wish you could convince clients to pay what you're worth?
  • Are you guilty of pulling numbers out of thin air, then crossing your fingers and hoping clients will pay that amount?
  • Want to be more confident in your use of package pricing, tiered pricing, value-based pricing, and retainers?
  • Need real examples of how other creatives are pricing profitably?

The Package Pricing Bundle can help.

No matter how long you've been in business, it's normal to still struggle with pricing your creative services—many creative professionals do, especially because things are constantly fluctuating, both up and down.

Plus, many people never learned the proper way to price creative services in the first place. So they practice “desperation pricing”—picking numbers out of the air that you imagine (i.e. hope) your clients can pay, then crossing your fingers.

“Profitable pricing,” on the other hand, is based on carefully considered financial goals balanced by what the market (i.e. your clients) will bear.

You may default to using the simple, yet problematic, hourly rate. But do you realize that the faster you are, the less you can charge?

Many Marketing Mentor clients—from designers to writers, from consultants to photographers—have been standardizing their pricing with retainers, package pricing, tiered pricing and more, and it's giving them much more control over their business.

That's what happened when Jill Anderson developed standard packages for her web design services.

“After working with Marketing Mentor to develop my packages, I'm happy to say it works great. I love having my prices listed freely on my site. It means that people who do reach out to me have a general idea of costs and I weed out the tire-kickers. And a few folks have easily agreed to the higher priced packages without much upsell effort on my part. :)”

We took what we learned with Jill and creative professionals just like her and turned it into this Package Pricing Bundle, which will show you how to take charge of your business.

You'll find new ideas about how to price your creative services, a step-by-step process to create your own packages, and models of how other creative professionals are doing it—and successfully!

That's not all. Here's the wealth of information you get in this 80-page PDF instantly accessible download:

  • How-To
    • The Art and Science of Pricing: Real World Pricing Strategies and Techniques
    • How To Do Value-Based Pricing
    • Pricing Insights from HOW Design Live 2014
    • What is package pricing?
    • Is Package Pricing Right For You?
    • 8 Steps to Package Your Creative Services
    • Retainers are Packages Too!
    • 3 Tiered Pricing = Custom Package
    • Interview with Laura Foley, Presentation Designer
  • Three Sample Packages + Podcast and Transcripts with each:
    • Web Designer, Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design
    • Graphic Designer, Laura Wertkin of Laura Beth Studio
    • Web copywriter, Alyssa Martin

Don't let another day pass where you question your pricing.

Buy the Package Pricing Bundle today and you will:

  • Price profitably and consistently—without worry or second-guessing.
  • Know exactly why you price and how you price.
  • Make it easier for clients to understand your pricing and heighten their confidence and perception of value in your services.
  • Eliminate tire-kickers without wasting time.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Package Pricing Bundle today


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