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Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2)

Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2)

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A strong proposal - especially a well written one - speaks volumes about you as professional, you as a business owner, you as a strategic partner and a thinker, which will distinguish you from all the order takers.

In this 153-page pdf download, you get 9 More Brand New “Winning” Proposals, all shared by creative professionals who are Marketing Mentor clients + Checklist of 17 Best Practices for Winning Proposals.



Volume 2 is not a repetition of Volume 1. There is, in fact, no overlap at all. This one has 9 new proposals, all shared by creative professionals who are Marketing Mentor clients. These designers have generously shared their documents so that you can learn from their experience.

Here's what's new and improved:

  • 9 Brand New Winning Proposals shared by designers and copywriters.
  • Checklist of 17 Best Practices for Winning Proposals. In analyzing these 9 proposals, we noticed that the techniques being used constituted best practices so we pulled them out into a checklist. The proposals themselves exemplify these techniques.
  • The analysis of each proposal is more extensive and goes into much more depth about what each proposal is doing and the effect it has.
  • Ilise Benun had a hand in writing or developing almost all of them. She chose this batch from work she's done with clients recently. That's why they are so willing to share (plus the fact that most of them are grateful and want to give back).

Here's what you get in this 153-page PDF download:

  • Proposal 12: Retainer agreement for multiple services for nonprofit industry.
  • Proposal 13: Website content revision and optimization, online marketing, direct mail, video for aviation industry.
  • Proposal 14: Name, logo, identity package, website and various print collateral for aviation industry.
  • Proposal 15: Website redesign with content management system for education industry.
  • Proposal 16: Logo, tagline and brand guidelines manual for nonprofit industry.
  • Proposal 17: Brand refresh and packaging design for food and beverage industry.
  • Proposal 18: Event collateral for nonprofit.
  • Proposal 19: Website redesign (very technical) for accounting industry.
  • Proposal 20: Sales collateral and public relations services for the apparel industry.

The key to the growth of your business could very well be a strong proposal that gets you the projects you want. Make yours as strong as it can be to grow your business!

The Designer's Proposal Bundle Volume 2 is turbo charged! Ready to get the resources you need to create proposals that win projects?

Download it now and you'll have it open and ready to use immediately.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2) today


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