Your Pricing is a Marketing Tool [QTMM 7-21-20]

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Have you noticed my 2 main topics on this blog are pricing & marketing (which includes content marketing)? 

Wanna know why? They're inextricably connected. 

Perhaps you feel this connection without being fully aware of it.

Simply put: Your pricing is a marketing tool. 

Here's the thing: prospects who don't know you (yet) or the high quality of your work, have very little to judge you on before you actually work together.

All they have is:

* your web site & LinkedIn profile (& other aspects of your online presence)
* your marketing efforts (but only if you're following a marketing plan)
* your initial real-time conversation with them (are you asking for one?)
* your proposal and...
* your pricing

That's why, while you may want to get the proposal process over with as quickly as possible, I think it's smart to extend it as long as possible -- so you can establish your value before they make a decision based only on price. 

When you price low to "get the project," you are also sending a message about the quality of your work.

You see, "good" clients understand that they get what they pay for. That's why they are often turned off by a low price.

Likewise, when a client wants to pay you online and you tack your 2-3% credit card fees on to your invoice, you're sending a message.

From a marketing point of view, I think it says you're an amateur or cheap or desperate (or all of the above).

Plus, it's tacky.

These days, credit card fees are a "cost of doing business" -- just like all the software subscriptions you need to do your work.

If you don't want to pay those fees, or if your bill is so high that 2-3% is a significant amount, then discuss it with your client to find a better solution, like a check or direct transfer to the bank. (You can often get your bank to waive the fees if you have a good relationship with them).

(I seem to have triggered a raging debate on this topic over on LinkedIn -- see what they're saying add your two cents here.)

The simplest solution, of course, is to make sure you're charging enough to cover all of your expenses and more!

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