The Mother of All Content Marketing

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Mother of all content marketing

Creative Content Marketing

Creative content marketing can be wonderful, complicated, difficult, and rewarding – like many of our relationships with mothers or mother-like figures. They can all certainly be challenging!

Ilise Benun challenged us, after the May Office Hours meeting, to write about our mothers for Mother’s Day and use it as marketing content.

I saw a lot of doubt and discomfort. For many of us, sharing about our mothers is a peek into our most private selves. Still, many decided to go for it, and I know I don’t regret the decision. 

Eleven of us wrote our little hearts out, and the results have been wide-ranging. Best of all, they connected us to our audience through relatable stories. The heart of all connection is relatability and I connected to all of these in one way or another.

Laura Simmons, Simmons Creative Communication

Laura Simmons shared a short, impactful post about her mother, whom she had a difficult relationship with. It was that challenge that helped develop her skill of hyper-attention to detail. It’s what makes her proofreading skills so powerful. And, to me, this story shows how powerful Laura is in her own right.

Dave Lambert, CopywriterVirginia Lambert (née Landegren) -  Dave Lambert - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

On a lighter note, Dave Lambert shared the tale of his mother, Virginia Lambert (née Landegren). The clever thing about this blog entry is how Dave used the story as a call to action, encouraging readers to comment, AND leading them to content he’d previously created.

Marketing through storytelling   Nicole Gyimah - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

Nicole Gyimah, Koletry Expressions

These strong pillars in our lives teach us many lessons that we use to carve our path through both life and business. Nicole Gyimah shared a story just like that. I love the gentleness that her mom used when teaching Nicole about honesty and being a considerate person.

I got to meet Nicole in person last year, and I can confidently say that her mother’s impact can be seen.

Networking   Janet Falk - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day ChallengeJanet Falk, Falk Communications & Research

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Janet Falk. She noticed me checking out her LinkedIn profile and used it as a networking tool. It was a great personal lesson for me!

And now I know where she learned that from. Janet’s mom taught her how to interact with the people around her, and it's a skill she brings to her business as a Media Relations and Marketing Strategist.

Lynda Dell, Collaborative Strategic Copy Partner

Marketing with joy!   Lynda Dell - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

You ever met someone so enthusiastic about challenges that their mere presence is encouraging? Well, that is Lynda Dell. For her post, she shared five things her mother taught her. Lynda embodies every one of the five lessons. My favorite one is #4 – “Never too late to rediscover joy”. Lynda’s post is a JOY to read.

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, Grey Matter Network

As the wonderful Jennifer Norris-Nielsen points out in her article, “Go Mother Yourself!”, Mother’s Day is not a one-size-fits-all celebration. Many (MANY) different emotions and thoughts are stirred up by this day – and none of them are wrong.

Jennifer encourages us to look closely at the “beliefs and behaviors” we’ve internalized from our mothers or mother-like figures. They shape the way you see and interact with the world.

Kathy Schwanz   Lifelong Learning is a valuable marketing skill..    Leslie Blaize - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

Leslie Blaize, Blaize Communications 

Leslie Blaize shares lessons her recently departed mother, Kathy Schwanz, passed down. Like most of us, she’s used these lessons have been used for both personal and business growth.

What I related to the most was the lesson of lifelong learning. It is this skill that helps us to take our business (and lives) to our dream targets. We can’t stop learning or we stop growing.

Muriel S. Zeitz San   Learn what NOT to do in self-marketing as well.   Eri Zeitz - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

Eri Zeitz, Zeitz Copywriting

Do you ever feel like the best thing you got from your relationship with your mom was how to defy expectations? Eri Zeitz’s post shares the challenges she experienced with her mom – and how that shaped her.

Being contrary is a great business – nay, life – skill! It is important for our marketing to understand what to change and what lessons to leave behind.

Edna Carl Moody   Carla Rogers - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

Carla Rogers, Moody Rogers Web Content

Carla Rogers shares her family’s love for children and the impact her mother (and father) had on her. The gratitude and love she has for her parents – mom especially – comes clear across in her writing.

Carla shows that when you move with love and generosity, you can build lifelong relationships. That’s exactly what we want to create with our clients.


Allison Bell Ashley, B2B Marketing Strategist & Content Writer

For Allison Bell Ashley, the biggest lesson she learned from her mom – a World War II survivor, was to keep pushing forward. Like she says, some call it having a British stiff-upper-lip.

I think it’s the biggest gift a survivor can give her children – how to continue moving forward even when it feels impossible or hopeless. “If things go sideways, don’t dwell on them,” really got to me (in a good way!) And she’s right, it’s a great lesson for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Marleen Martinez, Marleen Writes

Aida Ivette Figueroa   Marleen Martinez - Simplest Marketing Plan (SMP) Mother's Day Challenge

And then there’s me! (Marleen Martinez) I talked on and on and on about the amazing woman who raised me. I need to watch myself or I’ll end up gushing here, too!

She’s amazing and the reason I create. She taught me many things in business and life, but the one that stands out most right now is how she’s always been willing to change with the times.

You already know how I feel about my mother. Now you’ve read a bit about how other members of the Simplest Marketing Plan were impacted by their own mothers.

There’s a little of everything and I encourage everyone to go and read all the posts made. No matter what our relationships (or lack thereof) with our moms are, we can’t deny the influence has helped fuel us and our futures.

A New Content Marketing Challenge Begins

Are you ready for the next challenge? The Father's Day Challenge has begun. Create content about your relationship with your father or father-like figure and how it impacts your business today. 

There is no cookie-cutter relationship with parents. The post doesn't have to be about all good things. Struggles have a way of shaping us, and our clients, too. Make sure to tag Ilise Benun on LinkedIn with any posts you upload!

Interested in joining the SMP family? Check out the Simplest Marketing Plan. You won’t regret it!

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