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The Tiered Pricing Kit: How to Earn More on Every Project

The Tiered Pricing Kit: How to Earn More on Every Project

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Pricing is a bitch!

No matter how long you've been a working -- even a successful -- creative professional, pricing your services and projects just never gets easier. It's always stressful and you always wonder....

  • Are you underbidding and leaving money on the table?
  • Are you overbidding and scaring client away?
  • Are you pulling prices out of thin air and therefore have know idea if you're actually making any money?

If you struggle with these questions, you're in the right place.

Because there is one strategy that will dissolve these questions -- without magic. That strategy is Tiered Pricing. 

Andy B recently wrote, 

“I have provided consultation for over 40 clients since going out on my own 17 months ago, in the form of lots of small hourly-billed projects during my first 13 months. Since I started packaging services and tiering pricing the projects I am working on now are more interesting and the fees are much higher. I have just landed two $10-$20k branding projects, two monthly retainers, and several fee-based “brainstorming sessions” which of course lead to bigger creative projects and long-term client relationships. Not only are the fees higher, but it has also been much easier to pitch and win new business this way. The methods Ilise presents in The Tiered Pricing Kit, especially when used together with Marketing Blueprint, really work!” - Andy B.

What will you get in this 62-page download?

  • Page 6: What your pricing says about you and why it's important
  • Page 8: 5 most profitable approaches to pricing creative services
  • Page 13: 11 reasons to try tiered pricing
  • Page 17: How different creatives can apply tiered pricing
  • Page 18: Client scenarios that are perfect for tiered pricing
  • Page 20: How to set up tiered pricing: an inventory of services
  • Page 24: How to present tiered pricing
  • 10 Examples of packages that use tiered pricing
  • 3 Excellent actual proposals using tiered pricing in action
  • Worksheet: How to Set Up Tiered Pricing
  • Scripts: What to say when presenting tiered pricing
  • Summary: 10 Top Tiered Pricing Takeaways

Tiered pricing has so many other side benefits and perks, including showing your client what it's like to work with you -- in a way that just giving a price quote would never do.

  1. You’ll land more projects. When you only offer one price, the client can only say yes or no. If you offer three options, it’s no longer a question of yes or no. You’ve now opened a discussion about which option is best.
  1. You’ll boost your average deal size. Most clients don’t want the cheapest option. So if you give them three options, most will take the middle one. Some will take the highest. By providing three options, you’re setting an anchor price that raises your average project fee.
  1. You’ll educate your prospect on your value. By having multiple options, you get the opportunity to describe the differences between your high- and low-priced options. It’s a great way to educate prospects about the value you bring to the table.

Another designer said: 

I love tiered pricing, especially when we’re including strategy in our proposal. Creating the tiers forces you to really think through the client’s business challenge and when you present the tiers they see how much you have to offer and they have proof that you’ll go the extra mile and that makes them want to work with you.

And this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over on the first new project you land using this technique.

    What are you waiting for? 

    Get it now and take the stress out of pricing!


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