[Podcast] The Best CRM for Copywriters, Designers & Other Creative Professionals

I am asked at least once a week which CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software I recommend to keep track of clients and prospects. 

Here's my official answer: You don't need a CRM. 

If you are a one or two-person business offering any kind of custom creative services, where you are hired for your brains more than your hands, you don't have thousands (or even hundreds) of prospects and clients to keep track of.

Instead, you should have 25, maybe even 50-100 really good prospects to stay in touch with over time and you should be growing that list slowly as you use the 3 most effective marketing tools, as I outline in my Simplest Marketing Plan.

And if you are doing that diligently, you probably already have in place all the elements of the simple strategy I described in my new (and slightly different) podcast episode with Melanie the Marketer.

This is the exact strategy I have used for years and it has worked beautifully and kept my marketing (and my life) supremely simple. Plus, I have never been busier! 

Listen here or below (and let me know what you think):


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