Mastering Client Retention: 5 Lessons Learned

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Here's another guest post by content writer, Sharlet Brennan, who is a member of the Simplest Marketing Program. She just signed 3 clients and even though she's super busy, she took time to share what she's learned in our private Slack channel (and here!) I hope it inspires others to see what's possible.

Last month, I signed three clients.

Two are retainers, and one gave me projects through the end of September.

The crazy thing is each of these clients almost got away.

  • The first one lost interest in the product they hired me to promote.
  • The second changed focus from SEO to other forms of marketing.
  • The third requested a proposal and then vanished. No emails. No phone calls. Nada.

Here are 5 things I learned from these clients who almost got away:

:one: Trust your gut. If you have a gnawing feeling that you’re missing an opportunity… you’re probably right.

:two: Choose your path. When you think a client is heading toward a dead end – and taking you with them – recommend a new direction.

:three: Take the right people with you. Choose positive thinkers who give good advice and want to see you succeed. I’m fortunate to have ilise and accountability pal Cari Lemon in my Positivity Circle.

:four: Recognize opportunity. This one is tricky. Because opportunities often show up disguised as challenges.

:five: Stick with it. Landing these clients was a long time in the making. Ask for feedback. Refine your process. And stay in there long enough to enjoy the fruit of your efforts. 


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