Should Solopreneurs Have a LinkedIn Company Page?

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This is a question I am asked all the time so I decided to do an experiment rather than simply answer it.

I used my latest LinkedIn Hack to create a super simple "question post" and crowdsource an answer that I could share here on my blog (and beyond). 

Here's a sampling of the various points of view that were expressed by people in my network when I asked for comments. (Please feel free to comment for yourself.)

  • Cass McCrory, a marketing strategist, wrote: My two cents: I think it's important to HAVE the page - both to secure your brand and have it hyperlinked to create credibility in personal profiles. Company pages allow you to target through LinkedIn Advertising which can be incredibly successful. As far as investing time and resources in establishing a LinkedIn Company page following & content development: I think that makes sense only when you're in a position of hiring 10+ people a quarter and or you have a workforce of 20+ where your company page can be a hub for creating company ambassadors sharing your own thought leadership to build brand awareness.
  • Danielle Hughes, a copywriter, wrote: I find it useless. When I click on a company and it takes me to a LinkedIn page I get annoyed because it’s another step to the website which is where my real interest lies.
  • Andy Brenits, a designer, wrote: A company page lends authority and credibility to your experience as it can - and should - be linked to your current (or past) position(s). Since the company page has a profile icon, the icon is then placed next to the company/position you held. Without linking your position to a company page, you get a generic LinkedIn-provided icon. I find myself often clicking on the company icon so that I can learn a little about the business, before going out to their website. Small businesses don’t need to do a lot with it, but you should have a company page. Absolutely.

 What do you think? Share your opinion here. And try this strategy for yourself and let me know how it goes. 

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