LinkedIn Creator Mode Updates and How They Affect Creatives

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I learned something last month when I followed my yoga teacher to Costa Rica for a retreat.

Even though she no longer lives in my city, she’s so good at what she does that I will buy a ticket to almost anywhere just to learn from her whenever I can.

There’s almost nothing better than a really good teacher - someone who believes in the power of the work they’re doing. Don’t you agree?

And while I was in the middle of a chaturanga in Costa Rica, something occurred to me…

Marketing your business is like traveling to a foreign country.

Everyone speaks a different language. You’re surrounded by unfamiliar people with different customs. It feels so easy to make a misstep. Even the currency is different…

So, today I’ll be your guide on a small tour of a place where people often get lost…


Specifically, some new changes to the platform that you should know about, including:

  • Creator Mode tools that are now available to everyone
  • The About Section - and where it’s moving
  • What’s new with the Follow & Connect buttons

+ My new favorite hack for making new connections when you don’t have LinkedIn Premium.

LinkedIn Creator Mode Updates

Watch my short LinkedIn “tour” of what’s new here:

Does marketing feel like traveling in a foreign country to you, too? Or does it feel like something else?

Let me know, and see what others are saying here on LinkedIn.

Thanks for letting me be your guide today.

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