Should You Use LinkedIn Premium's AI Writing Assistant for Client Outreach?

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You don’t have to be flexible to take a yoga class.

Flexibility comes with baby steps and is a benefit that comes from consistent practice over time.

As a beginner, you can use blocks to prop yourself up and straps to extend your reach. You can even start in a chair if you need to.

The point is to meet your body where it is and stretch yourself just a little more each time.

Using an AI Writing Assistant is like using yoga blocks to stretch yourself

It’s kind of like doing your targeted outreach - one of the tools in the Simplest Marketing Plan.

You don’t have to be “good” at it to begin. In fact, I can guarantee you won’t be “good” at it at first. But that doesn’t really matter.

Especially now that we have AI tools to “prop you up.”

For example…

If writing messages to prospects feels like too much of a “stretch” for you…

LinkedIn Premium has integrated AI tools to help. Watch my quick video walk-through here:

What I like about this built-in tool is that it finds similarities between you and your prospect and suggests things you could say to them.

Now, the suggestions it makes may not be what you want to say or highlight – but it’s better than starting from scratch.

In fact, when I told AI expert, Nick Usborne, that I was using LinkedIn Premium’s AI tools, he said, “Never use those!”

When I asked why, he said:

“Clients are beginning to get stuff which is eerily familiar because everyone's following the same structure and format - even if they're editing.”

He makes a good point. If you click the button and hit send without editing, you’ll sound just like everyone else.

So be sure to customize the message to sound like you and reference what you’re truly interested in.

Here’s a little checklist if you decide to use the LinkedIn Premium AI Writing Assistant:

  • Edit the subject line
  • Add your own voice
  • Check that what LinkedIn highlights is what you want highlighted. If not, replace it.

Don’t have LinkedIn Premium?

You can still use AI writing tools to help compose messages to clients.

Nick actually thinks it’s better to do it on your own computer using a tool like or ChatGPT and create a structure that is unique to you.

Whether you decide to try the AI built into LinkedIn Premium, or you go with another tool, the results won’t be perfect.

LinkedIn and Client Outreach

But they might be just the “prop” you need to stretch yourself a little more today. And then a little more tomorrow.

Have you ever used LinkedIn Premium's AI assistance for client outreach
? Would you use a different AI tool, or avoid AI altogether?

Weigh in and let’s see what everyone thinks here on LinkedIn.

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