LinkedIn Hack: A Simple Way to Get People Commenting

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Lately so many people are asking about how to engage on LinkedIn without spending tons of time creating content. 

The truth is, you don't have to create content -- you just have to have an engaging question or idea. This is another one of those situations where questions are the answer. 

I use a simple technique, which requires no "content creation" at all! (Watch the video version here.)

Here's an example of a post in which I simply asked what people are thinking about LinkedIn Company pages these days. It got 18 comments, 11 reactions and 1350 views -- not bad!

Here's how you can do this too! 

Step 1: Think. Sit and think and come up with one question -- the more provocative the better -- that people are wondering about these days. Of course it should be related to your market's pain points and the services you provide to cure that pain -- but it can be a loose connection. 

Step 2: Write a post in the LinkedIn feed asking that question and then solicit opinions and comments. 

Step 3: Grab the URL for the post and share it with people you know who will comment to get the conversation started. 

Step 4: Make sure you reply to everyone who responds -- and then follow up with any who you think you can help. 

Here's a new one I did in April 2022: What games and game shows formed your personality?

Here are some "excellent examples" of creatives putting this simple tactic into action -- please comment on them too: 

  1. If you were made to sacrifice 10-20% of your income but in return allowed to make any change you liked in your working conditions, pattern or experience, what change would you choose to make?
  2. What were your plans for the Frankfurt Book Fair? And what are you doing instead?
  3. Do you know if you own the fonts that you are using? ... fonts have licenses...
  4. What advice would you give to someone starting a business?
  5. How in the heck is anyone finding time to focus right now, especially with small kids doing remote learning at home while you're working?
  6. At what age did you come to recognize the Values you live by today?
  7. How are you working with peers to maximize creativity?
  8. What makes you special?
  9. What do you think about this practice? (Could be used for almost anything!)
  10. How big should your "donate" button be? (For nonprofits)
  11. Do you find QR codes helpful?
  12. Why should you care about your neckline?
  13. Why aren't the most talented ones the most successful ones (especially if success is defined monetarily)?
  14. Have you exhibited or visited a virtual vendor booth this conference season? How was it?
  15. What's the most Freudian slip you've made about your work lately?
  16. What letters do you love or hate?
  17. Will you continue outdoor dining this winter?
  18. I keep hearing people say, "I need to get my client welcome packet together." But what exactly is that?

What would your "provocative" or simply thoughtful question be?

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