[Podcast] #370 Podcasting as the Ultimate Marketing Tool with Rob & Kennedy

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Here’s what I love about having a podcast...

It’s the ultimate nexus of the 3 most effective marketing tools -- the ones I’ve been teaching this year with my Simplest Marketing Planner:

  • strategic networking
  • targeted outreach
  • high quality, pain point content marketing

You see, when you have a podcast, you can reach out to your ideal prospect or client -- someone you want to work with -- and invite them to be on your “show.” That’s targeted outreach.

Then, you use curiosity as a strategic networking tool to ask all the questions you want answers to.

And you produce high quality, “pain point” content for the people just like them who will listen and say, “This is exactly who we need. They really get it.”

Plus, those podcast conversations could easily evolve into actual projects themselves, although that’s not the point of them – learning is.

That's why I think you'll enjoy my latest episode, in which I interview Rob and Kennedy from ResponseSuite.com who share generously their own podcast strategy, which includes a heavy helping of curiosity.

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