[Podcast] #369 Should you do Facebook ads?

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Last week, I got an email message from a young guy offering himself up as a guest on the MarketingMentorPodcast.com

Now, I get a lot of these and I don’t reply to most of them because they’re too generic or they’re touting some amazing success story that you know is mostly a result of luck and good timing that most ordinary people aren’t going to be able to replicate.

But this message was different. He did all the right things, including showing me he'd done his homework:

  • He referenced an actual, specific episode that he liked. Not only that, he also told me why he liked it.
  • He left a review (and showed a screen shot of the review!)
  • Then he made a very direct (without being arrogant) request to be a guest -- and told me why he thought his story would be of value to my listeners and exactly what he'd like to share in the conversation. 
  • And he ended it with gratitude and a compliment!

If you want to be a guest on a podcast, I highly recommend you use the message below as a model for yours -- it's very likely to work. 

Here's what he wrote: 

The podcast episode you did with Nick Usborne the other day was brilliant.

I found it very interesting, as I have been interested in content marketing and conversational copywriting for a while now, so I am glad you invited Nick back on your show.

It's a great episode, so I felt obligated to leave my review:


I would love to be considered to be a guest on The Marketing Mentor Podcast. I'm a college student who learned to manage Facebook Ad campaigns through YouTube, and now currently manage over $50,000 in monthly ad spend for a variety of online businesses.

I think this topic would be perfect for your listeners, I could discuss how I managed to get my first few clients and build my personal brand so I have a consistent flow of leads and clients to me. I could also discuss exactly how I create, set up, and manage profitable campaigns with actionable tips and advice that other entrepreneurs can use, regardless of their budget.

Regardless, thank you for the great content and keep killing it in 2019!

I did in fact invite this young man to be a guest on the podcast -- and it's the newest episode published today

I do think this is a valuable episode, especially if you’re thinking about offering Facebook advertising as a service to your clients and/or if you are wondering if Facebook ads would be a good way to get clients.

In our chat, Lucas Lee-Tyson, a college student who runs GrowthCave.com, an agency that specializes in Facebook ads, shared how, how much and much more.

Listen here or below....


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