Out of the blue? Really?

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"I got a call out of the blue from an awesome company that needs a new web site."

I hear a version of this almost every day from one of my clients.

It's music to my ears, of course, but it's no surprise, because my clients are doing their marketing.

And the thing about marketing is that it works.

So then why do they (and maybe you) continue to feel like projects come "out of the blue?"

After all, if you're following the Simplest Marketing Plan, focusing on a viable market and connecting the dots with your strategic networking, targeted outreach and high quality content marketing, it really shouldn't surprise you either when someone responds with, "Yes, let's talk." 

I have a hunch (actually two hunches).

1. Delay Blindness. I recently learned (in "Brain Bugs" by the neuroscientist, Dean Buonomano) about "delay blindness," which is essentially when your brain fails to connect the dots between an effort we made and the effect of that effort, because too much time has passed.

2. Autonomy Blindness. I made that one up but it's essentially when you just can't believe this marketing thing could be working because that means you actually do have more control over your business (and therefore more autonomy) than you think. 

I have a feeling I'll be talking more about this as we go along...in the meantime, check out where Danielle Hughes took this idea for her own content marketing.

BTW, If you are tired of floundering about and need a plan, it's not too late to try The Simplest Marketing Plan In Action 3.0 for 2021.

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