Simplest Marketing Plan 3.0 (PDF)

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For 2022, I am once again boldly proposing that creative professionals like you will only need 3 marketing tools to attract your dream clients:

  1. Strategic Networking — knowing exactly who you’re looking for and going where you know they will be (these days mostly online but easier to connect with)
  2. Targeted Outreach — reaching out to them with a hyper-personalized, super-customized message that shows why you’re the perfect fit
  3. “Pain Point” content marketing — relevant, useful content that cures your ideal clients’ pain and positions you as the expert 

Here’s how it works:

  • It’s not a “course" or training — although you are guaranteed to learn.
  • It's not a membership you’ll be charged for every month and feel guilty for wasting — but you will get subscriber-only content throughout the year.
  • It’s not a download you’ll lose on your computer — although you will receive a monthly email reminder

It’s more like a magazine subscription with a built-in community of like-minded creatives who are working at building their business and meeting monthly to share tips and tricks on how they’re using these three tools.

That’s right, for a one-time payment of $79 (actual value more like $1999), you get the latest version of the Simplest Marketing Plan I’ve ever created — all in one place, and which includes free access to my monthly Office Hours.

You can watch an excerpt from a recent session below, where I walk through, step by step, how the the plan works. I've built upon the successful previous versions and made the new version much more robust -- providing more help than ever!



At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email reminder from me with a simple "Do This" tip to market your business.

That will make it much harder — not impossible, but harder — to "forget" to do your marketing or put it on that pesky “back burner” when client work (or doing the dishes) seem so much more important.

Don’t worry. It’s impossible to fall behind. So even if you join mid-year, or drop out of the process for a month (or more), you don’t have to “catch up.” You simply jump back in.

The goal of this simple marketing plan is to help you put your business first by allocating 30 minutes a day (or the equivalent over the course of a week) to work "on" your business and do your marketing.

Each email reminder arrives with fresh content and excellent examples for each new month. This will provide the structure you need to build this essential habit -- because it really does need to become a habit. Otherwise, marketing doesn't work!

You see, I know that when you buy a marketing plan at the beginning of the year, by the time third quarter rolls around (sometimes even sooner), it can easily be lost on your computer somewhere. (I suspect that’s what has happened with previous marketing plans I’ve developed over the years.)

Well, we’re solving that problem and providing accountability, nudges, and a bit of nagging — but with fresh and relevant, “bat-signal” content, so it will be helpful, not annoying.

Monthly Office Hours

You also get to attend my popular Office Hours session, a monthly group coaching call. Watch the video clip above to see how helpful and inspiring it can be to see your peers overcoming the same challenges you face.

Office Hours is a live interactive presentation and discussion where you can:

  • get a refresher on how to use the marketing tools
  • see excellent examples of how others are using them
  • do some networking in breakout rooms with like-minded creatives
  • and, of course, get your questions answered in real time.

These sessions are great for learning, but also to show you you’re not alone in your struggles.

Here’s what a few have said:

“Connecting with others as a solopreneur is my favorite thing.”
“One of the main reasons I purchased the Simplest Marketing Plan was to have access to Office Hours.”
“I like the office hours, too - I feel like it’s a wrap from the month before and a kick off for the next month.”

Here's what's new:

The Simplest Marketing Plan in Action!
I've added 4 case studies of creative professionals sharing, in their own words, exactly how they use the plan and what works best for them, including their favorite tools and strategies. 

What else is new? You'll also get:

  • Excellent Examples" galore  -- you asked for it, you got it!  These 31 examples will trigger all sorts of ideas in your mind so you won't have to start from scratch with your own marketing.
  • 8 actual "excellent examples" of email newsletters
  • 18 actual "excellent examples" of marketing-smart web sites (not just home pages, but also About pages, Services pages and Contact pages)
  • 5 actual "excellent examples" of LinkedIn profiles
  • Top 7 Podcast Episodes, including the ones with Ann Handley, author of "Everybody Writes" and Nir Eyal, author of "Indistractable"

Plus, I've added two more tools to the actual plan:

  1. The Weekly Marketing Checklist (for those who prefer the short-term view) -- updated and refreshed
  2. The Prospect Tracker -- an amazing document that not only helps you keep track of your prospects, but also has email templates (written by me!) to use in your outreach -- really!

And of course you also get:

  • The new Secret Landing Page with all the videos and supporting resources, whenever you need to refresh your memory

Call me crazy, but I'm offering all this for a one-time price.

Are you ready to get serious about your business?

Do you need a simple plan?

What are you waiting for?

Download it before November 15 and you'll be grandfathered into 2022!