It took 5 years & 59 un-newsletters to land this client

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In case you didn’t believe me when I said my un-newsletter saved the day, I have further proof that newsletters are freaking wonderful.

A client I worked with more than 5 years ago just sent me a referral (and I got the project). He’s on my newsletter list, and that means I land in his inbox almost every month. Also, because MailChimp is awesome, I know that he opens 49.2% of these newsletters. Would he have forgotten about me in the past five years had I not sent him 59 un-newsletters? I’m not sure, but quite possibly.

That’s not all. Two more connections from five years ago replied my last un-newsletter asking for pricing.

I also got an update on one of my connection’s foster dogs, a book recommendation, and a lot of hellos and conversation starters!

When I click send, it feels like the equivalent of my days in corporate land when I’d walk back from the coffee machine and stop by everyone’s offices for a quick hello. It makes me feel connected. So, pretty much, I’m sending a newsletter for a lot of selfish reasons! The truth is, I really do get a lot from sending my newsletter, far beyond just work.

My favorite response is when people say, “That made me laugh,” or “That made me smile.” I love the idea that I can make someone happy with an email.

Still not sure if you need a newsletter? Check out Ilise’s recent article: 5 Strategic Goals for Your Email Marketing Newsletter. I’d say my goals are #1, #2 and #4.

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