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Is doing a newsletter really worth it? This is question I get a lot. The answer is undeniably, unequivocally YES. Here is yet another reason.

You might recall a few months ago when (although I may have been slightly overreacting) I thought my business was going down in flames. Well, things started looking up when this happened:

I got an email with the subject line, “Let’s talk.” The message said:

A colleague forwarded your email. It really caught my attention so I’d like to set up a time to chat.

Below was my un-newsletter about doing the bear crawl with a note that said:

This copywriter might be worth checking out.

And pretty much, that’s how I got a new client who has hired me for 4 projects so far.

Sometimes marketing really does feel like magic.

Although I distinctly remember Ilise saying something like, “A newsletter puts you in their inbox in their time of need,” which sounds more viable than magic.

I think it’s a little bit of both, actually.

I do know that when you put the effort out there, it comes back.

Super grateful for the forwarder, the forwardee, and everyone involved in this marketing magic—especially Ilise, without whom I would’ve fallen off the marketing wagon long ago.

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