How to stay top of mind so your best prospects don't forget about you

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Out of sight -- out of mind!

That's the reality more and more these days.

So how do you stay top of mind so your clients, prospects and referral sources don't forget about you? 

(Hint: It's not social media!)

The long answer is in my Simplest Marketing Plan 4.0.

But the short answer is this: an email newsletter.

It's the most effective content marketing you can do for your creative business. 

I don't care whether they read your newsletter or not!

Dropping it into their email inbox will keep you top of mind for those in your network, whether clients, colleagues, referral sources -- even friends and family, since you never know who will need your services.

Here are some baby steps you can take depending on what you've done so far:
  • If you have no newsletter yet, your first step is to find some "excellent examples" and do your version "as an exercise." (I'll bet you've got a few in your own inbox!)
  • If you "kinda" have a newsletter, that is you started working on it but never sent it out, your first step is to resurrect it and take it to the next logical step. So if you drafted some content, reread it and make it better. If you started designing a layout, finish it. If you started pulling all your contacts into a list, keep doing that. (And so on...)
  • If you do have a newsletter haven't sent one out in a while, your first step is to get your brain back into it. How? Update your list with the people you've met recently. Go back to my recent blog post about finding your clients' pain points and choose one as the theme for your next newsletter and draft something!
  • If you've been thinking about starting your newsletter on LinkedIn, listen to my podcast #441 with Michael Katz on that exact topic!

It's all about baby steps -- and it takes a lot more effort than you think.

But it's worth it when you get "newsletter magic" -- that's when someone replies "out of the blue" with "We have a project for you!"

Read about how that works here.

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