How to put more "you" in your marketing. Watch this! [QTMM 7/18/19]

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Out of sight, out of mind -- that's more and more the reality these days.

So if you do nothing else, please use an email newsletter to stay top of mind with everyone who knows you and your work. 

I've been preaching this for years. 

But when I heard Ann Handley's opening Keynote at the recent AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp, I had an epiphany.

One point she made really hit home.
Email "newsletters" are not about the "news."It's about the "letter". 

Why didn't I think of that?

Of course, it's about the letter.

Because email is a one-to-one communication, whether you send it to 15, 150 or 15,000 people. 

So the more "you" in your email newsletter (and the rest of your marketing, for that matter), the more your clients and prospects will want to read it...the better they will get to know you and start to trust you.

It's just a matter of time -- and timing -- before they hire you. 

And that's what makes marketing work.

Want to see what Ann's idea inspired me to do? Watch the short video above or here

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Here's what member, recently said: 
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