[Podcast] #373 Asking for Help = Business Growth with Danielle Z. Hughes

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Last month, I got this message from Danielle Z. Hughes, a strategic copywriter I've been coaching:  

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is very stuck. She has analysis paralysis among other things and she was saying how she admired my hustle, I was an inspiration etc. Things people say when they can't get out of their own way. 

And it got me to thinking about the importance of asking for help and how, for women, we are the first to ask for help in personal matters, especially advice, but there is this stupid notion of doing everything yourself. This superwoman myth. 

And I realized that everything started to turn for me when I asked for help. Help from you in guiding my business. Help from my cousin in recommending a networking group. Help from friends and family in spreading the word about my business and keeping their ears open. 

Everything that has happened to me in the past year has been because I realized I couldn't and shouldn't go it alone. 

A potential client was telling me last week that he knows he can do all these things so it's hard for him to delegate the work. But of course we know that just because you Can doesn't mean you Should. 

I thought this would be a really great topic for the podcast, especially for solopreneurs and anyone who might even want to scale. 

I agreed, so we recorded it. You can listen here (or below).

If you’re feeling stuck, you’ll get a lot out of today’s episode with a strategic copywriter, who generously shares how her business has grown in the short time since she started asking for (and getting) the help she needed.

And check out the fruit of that help -- Danielle's recent (and awesome) content marketing, which is working, by the way. Here's her latest posted on LinkedIn: The Power of Personality.  And the one we mentioned in the podcast, "Get Your Audience to Swipe Right On Your Message."

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