How to Get an AI to Find Clients for You

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Your ideal clients are out there…

They don't know who you are or how you can help them – yet.

They may not even know they need help.

Which means the likelihood of you working with them is extremely low…

Unless you do your Targeted Outreach (one of the three tools in my Simplest Marketing Plan).

Not sure how outreach is different from, say, networking?

Watch this clip from my recent SMP+ Outreach Club session to hear my definition of outreach.

You’ll also discover my new favorite AI tool,, and a trick to make it find your “ideal client” prospects for you.

If you can’t upload a PDF, as I mentioned in the clip, try one of these prompts:
  • "Give me a list of industry associations related to [insert your market]"

  • "What are some online directories or databases that list [your market] businesses in the US?"
You can even ask it something like:
  • "Give me 3 eco-friendly pet product companies in California."

Play around with it and see what you get.

Using AI is a big experiment. It’s far from perfect, but the more you play with it, the more you’ll understand as it evolves.

I plan to lead the charge when it comes to using AI to help you do your marketing.

So I’ll be experimenting with it a lot this year and sharing what I learn.

Feeling AI-resistant? Maybe a little overwhelmed?

It’s just another way to use your business as a laboratory.

If you stay curious and approach it with the intention to play and experiment, you’ll stay on top of this emerging technology - and your creative business will be better for it.


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