4 Tiny Ways I'm Reinventing My Business --- Right Now!

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In response to one of my birthday posts last week, one reader asked me to expand on one of the 6 principles to which I attribute my longevity in business. She was especially intrigued by this one:

By reinventing my services over and over (even when I didn't want to)

Let me start by saying that I'm in the middle of a slow reinvention right now -- have you noticed? 

A few people have noted a change in my writing. One said, "I don't know why but I'm reading more of your messages lately." (If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is!)

Another said, "I feel like you're speaking directly to me." Indeed, that is my intention, so maybe it's working. (Please let me know.)

You see, I'm adjusting to changes I perceive in the world and in my market. Here's how:

  • I'm sending plain text email messages only for now. I felt there was a barrier in my Quick Tip HTML messages. Something was coming between me and you and that was becoming a problem. So for now, there will be no graphics in the way. I am speaking directly to you and I want you to feel that.
  • I'm adjusting the quality of my content. I sense that people are nervous, so I'm addressing the more emotional aspects of being a self employed creative. I'm speaking and writing more personally than usual too.
  • I'm being less precious about my ideas. I am a content machine, which means I have way too many ideas for messages and articles and blog posts. I also don't like starting things I won't finish. But I've realized that's part of my process. So now I start as many ideas as I have, the majority of which never go anywhere. I've decided that's ok -- and not a waste. 
  • I'm giving myself more time to think. The pace of life has quickened but I don't like to rush. So I'm giving myself the luxury of more mental space to noodle at my blog posts until they're finished.
This is all part of a slow and cumulative reinvention. I'm responding to the market (that's you!) and letting it change me and my work. I don't know what the result will be -- until it happens. 

In a recent HOW Design Live podcast interview, Dorie Clark, the author of a book called, Reinventing You, identified 2 types of reinventions – big "R" and little "r."

I’ve mostly done little “r” reinventions, in which I incrementally, gradually change things so that it’s almost imperceptible to outsiders. I think of that as evolution and it should be relatively natural.

If you are going through a reinvention and need some guidance or an outside perspective, let me help you. Sign up for my free 30-minute coaching session and we'll figure it out together.

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