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One of my favorite authors on AI, Ethan Mollick (read his book, Co-Intelligence: Living and Working with AI) appeared on one of my favorite podcasts, The Ezra Klein Show, to talk about how to practically use AI in your work.

In the episode, Mollick says that, when he’s talked with the people developing AI,

“There is no list of how you should use this as a writer or as a marketer or as an educator. They don’t even know what the capabilities of these systems are.”

And so, just as we treat our businesses as a laboratory for personal and professional growth, we can do the same with AI… and make it up as we go!

Which is exactly what I’ve been doing.

My focus is on developing prompts – and more important, the creative prompting mindset – that you can use to find more high-quality clients.

Of course, “quality” is subjective. It’s different for everyone!

To get an AI to find you clients that fit you, you have to tell it what you mean by quality.

That will allow the AI to find the potential clients who come closest to your definition of quality.

But on the flip side…

If you’re looking for clients who pay well and value your skills, you also need to find clients who care about quality.

Because if you want to position what you do as high-quality and worthy of investment…

You need clients who are willing to invest to get results.

Watch how I developed a prompt to find clients who value quality in the Best Bits from June’s SMP Office Hours here:

Through my experiments with AI, I’ve found that the best prompts - the ones that get you really good results - aren’t ready-made prompts that you simply plug in.

They’re prompts that you “co-create” with the AI, working with it to define what it is that you’re looking for.

Try your version of the one I shared in the video for yourself with my favorite AI chatbot,

And of course, let me know what you get!

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