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Have you ever been in this situation?

You lose your biggest client -- you may even have sensed this was coming but you were crossing your fingers that it wouldn't happen so soon.

But it did and now you really do need to get new clients immediately -- seriously.

Do you know how to do that or who to focus on?

Or have you already been spinning your wheels for days, maybe even weeks, and still haven't figured out which step to take first.

This "Bundle" will show you exactly what to do:

Here's what you get: 

  • It’s Who You Know (The Networking Kit)
  • The Get the Work You Want Marketing Plan
  • The Marketing Blueprint
  • 30 Minutes a Day Marketing Plan
  • Plus I hour of coaching with Ilise Benun

NOTE: If this sounds good and you want to buy this "bundle," you need to put each item below into your cart -- so don't look for the "buy" button on this page!  You won't find it!